English Heritage Thesauri - Glossaries: Term Overlap Tool

The tool finds overlapping terms between English Heritage terminology resources. Select from the list below the resources you want the tool to search for matches. You can apply multiple selections by holding the 'Ctrl' (PC-Linux) or the 'Cmd' (Mac) key and selecting the resources from the list.

Use the 'Select a Letter' option to find matches for a particular letter.
The 'wildcard' option allows for partial matching between terms for example matching between "pit" and "pit enclosure".
The 'reverse' option will display the results in a reverse order. By default the results show the thesauri matches first and the glossary matches second. The 'reverse' option will result the glossary terms to display first

EH Thesauri

EH Glossaries

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NOTE!!! Selecting too many resources and 'All Letters' option will cause a slow respond from the server.