Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (CVA)

The following documents are processed by the Information Extraction pipeline OPTIMA and semantically annotated with respect to the CIDOC CRM ontology.The semantic annotation of the documents delivered for the purposes of the Classical Art Semantics Information Extraction (CASIE) project


The CASIE project aimed to automatically extract information about cultural objects from classical art scholarly texts and represent this information in terms of the ISO metadata standard for cultural heritage, the International Council of Museum’s CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM).

The project investigated the generalisation of Information Extraction techniques previously developed by the research team for the archaeology domain (in the AHRC funded STAR project - University of Glamorgan) to Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum CVA scholarly texts. The project is conducted in collaboration with partners at Oxford University’s Beazley Archive ( Beazley is involved in an inter-disciplinary collaboration with Oxford’s e-research centre, as part of the European CLAROS Project (

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