Digital Humanities Project :: Andronikos

Andronikos is a digital humanities web-portal closely associated with the STAR project that makes available CIDOC CRM and CRM-EH based semantic indices of the OASIS corpus that have been provided by the Archaeology Data Service. The portal provides a browsing and searching facility of semantic annoations, other pages make available Terminology (English Heritage Thesauri - Glossaries), XML -RDF conversion tools, corpus resources, evaluation results and relevant publications.

OASIS Corpus

OASIS is an umbrella project of the University of York that brings together a number of strategic partners of the Archaeology field such. The processed coprus of semantic annotations consists of 2460 documents including archaeology evaluation reports, excavation reports, watching briefs etc.

Other Corpora

The section makes available semantic annotations of documents originating from the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) and The Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum ('Corpus of Ancient Vases') collections. Public Access the pages is restricted due to copyright restrictions.

Terminology and Conversion Tools

A number of web tools are made available which can be used to support the task of semantic annotation. The tools can be used to trace overlaping terms between terminological resources (thesauri and glossaries) of the National Monuments Record of English Heritage. Also the tools support wrapping of header and footer elements to XML files and corversion of XML annotation files to RDF triple files


The section makes available early results and outputs of the semantic annotation process. Outputs include Gazetteers produced by a coprus-based (OASIS) information extrcation tasks and PDF documents of preprocessing annotations such as document headings and summaries. A list of sample documents is also made available providing quick linking to a sample of rich in annotation OASIS documents


The evaluation pages present the evaluation results of the semantic annoation process of the OASIS corpus. The section makes available Early Evaluation, Pilot Evaluation and Main Evaluation results in terms of Precision, Recall and Fmeasure scores and the Gold Standard annotation set of the evaluation task.


The page makes available a list of publications relating to the task of semantic annotation of archaeological grey literature. The papers have been presented in a number of international conferences including International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO-UK'09), Computational Linguistic Applications (CLA'11) and Metadata and Semantics Research Conference (MTSR'11)