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Improvement Works at St Paul's Square, Bedford. Programme of Archaeological Observation, Investigation, Recording, Analyis and Publication

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Albion Archaeology - 2005

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Non-Technical Summary In April 2003 Albion Archaeology was commissioned by Bedford Borough Council to undertake a programme of archaeological observation in St Paul's Square, Bedford. It was necessitated by the groundworks required for the insertion of thirteen safety bollards in the south-eastern corner of the square. The development area is situated on the north side of the town bridge and to the east of St Paul's Church. It is centred at TL 0505 4967. The ground slopes down very gently from north to south and has an average height of about 28.4m aOD. The geology of the site is alluvium and river gravels overlying Oxford Clay. St Paul's Square forms the original nucleus of the historic core of Bedford. It is likely to preserve remains dating from the middle Saxon period to the present day. Although no significant archaeological remains or artefacts were uncovered during the investigations, useful information on the depth of overburden within this area was recorded. A possible former ground surface (potentially post-medieval or earlier in date) was identified at a depth of c.0.90m below present ground level. This in turn sealed earlier deposits, probably derived at least in part from alluvium deposited by the River Great Ouse, albeit altered by human activity. Above the former ground surface were a series of deposits, which probably represent (at least in part) make-up layers for more recent ground surfaces. They may be associated with attempts to level up the southern side of the square, which overall slopes down from north to south towards the river. Albion Archaeology Improvement Works at St Paul's Square, Bedford Programme of Archaeological Observation, Investigation, Recording, Analysis and Publication 5 1. INTRODUCTION

Table of Contents

1. INTRODUCTION 5 1.1 Planning Background 5 1.2 Site Location and Description 5 1.3 Archaeological Background 5 2. RESULTS OF OBSERVATION AND RECORDING 6 2.1 Introduction 6 2.2 Methodology 6 2.3 Extent and Nature of Groundworks 6 2.4 Observations 6 3. CONCLUSION 8 4. Bibliography 9 5. Appendices 10


Bedford Borough Council
Structure of the Report
Key Terms
Non-Technical Summary
1.1 Planning Background
1.2 Site Location and Description
1.3 Archaeological Background
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Methodology
2 All disturbed soil was scanned for artefacts.
3 Potential archaeological deposits were investigated to determine stratigraphic
6 Significant features were recorded using a digital camera.
2.3 Extent and Nature of Groundworks
2.4 Observations
2.4.1 Present ground surface (Figure 2)
2.4.2 Recent make-up layers (Figure 2)
2.4.3 Surface (106) (Figure 2)
2.4.4 Subsoil layers (Figure 2)
2.4.5 Undisturbed Geological Deposits (Figure 2)

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